If you’re ready to say “No more Mr. Wrong guys!” then download your copy of Stuck with Mr. Wrong today. This book won four awards, including an International Book Award for Best Self-help Relationship Book of the year.  Take center stage, gain self-confidence, stop settling, and enjoy a good, fun read.

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International Book Awards – Winner, Best Self-Help Relationships

International Book Awards – Finalist, Best New Non-Fiction

Indie Excellence Awards – Finalist, Best Self-Help Relationships

USA Best Books – Finalist, Best Self-Help


What if your life were a movie?

What if you could write the script, set the stage, and surround yourself with a supportive cast?

In film, the main character, the story’s heroine, may seem fine at the beginning, but then a conflict emerges. The man she’s in love with is unavailable; her marriage is on the rocks; her fiancé is a psycho; or there’s a terrific guy standing right in front of her, but she doesn’t notice. Whatever the plotline, the heroine always comes through in the end as an inspirational character. Something happens—a transformation that helps her to gather the courage, find the strength, see him for who he really is,or discover a power she never realized she had before.

“I often wondered, ‘Where’s the book that’s supposed to tell me how to navigate my life?’
This is it!”

H. Gallet, New York



Why should movie characters have all the fun?

How would you like to be the inspirational character? How would you like to re-script your life so that you become the Star of your own Life Story? Guess what? It doesn’t just happen on the big screen. It happens in real life, too. Discover how to write a new, more empowering script for your life!

Inside you’ll find:.

  • 10 steps to starring in your own life story, all using a fun and engaging movie-making analogy
  • 100 tips you can put into practice right away
  • Writing exercises that will inspire you to imagine, plan, and take action on your dreams.
  • Stories from real women just like you who have experienced a variety of relationship challenges
  • Inspiring movies including Gaslight, 1408, The Wizard of Oz, and Working Girl

PICTURE YOURSELF embracing your inner screenwriter – confronting your fears and writing a new script for your life.

PICTURE YOURSELF listening to your director – trusting your intuition and following your wise inner guide.

PICTURE YOURSELF making peace with your inner princess and becoming a confident, independent woman.

PICTURE YOURSELF becoming a producer – living up to your potential.

PICTURE YOURSELF as a star – taking center stage instead of playing best supporting actress.

PICTURE YOURSELF learning your lines – speaking assertively and standing up for yourself.

PICTURE YOURSELF finding your supporting players – surrounding yourself with people who are there for you.

PICTURE YOURSELF setting the stage – imagining a future where you and your loved ones are living the life you know you were meant to lead.

PICTURE YOURSELF editing your film – cutting things you don’t want from your life to make room for the things that you do.

PICTURE YOURSELF accepting your Oscar – honoring who you are, taking center stage, and living your life as the Star of Your Own Life Story.

“A must read for all women! Each chapter teaches a lesson about empowering yourself to become a stronger, more confident, happier version of yourself. These are important lessons that every women should learn from–regardless of whether they are stuck with Mr. Wrong, in a great relationship, or happily single. I highly recommend Stuck with Mr. Wrong for everyone who is looking to get a new perspective on love and life.” ~ Alice

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting a different result.”

(Albert Einstein)

That’s how “stuck” happens. The scenes change, the characters may be different, but your actions are the same.

Sometimes women become stuck in relationships because we love our partners so we ignore the red flags. But eventually, those flags start flapping and can’t be overlooked. For the sake of your safety or your self-esteem, it may be time to make a move. And sometimes people change. What once made us happy no longer serves who we are now. It’s really no one’s fault.

Whatever your situation, you want to feel free whether you’re in a relationship or not, so maybe it’s time you changed your strategy. Maybe it’s time to write a new script for your life!

Become Un-Stuck.

Experience an inner transformation.

Be the inspirational character in your life story.

Be a Star.

I wish I had this book back when I was in a relationship I had doubts about, because I would have had more strength to just stay apart the first time around instead of going back into a relationship that wasn’t working. This book not only helps you realize you need to make some changes in your life and relationships, but it also helps you learn how to correct the problem while building self-esteem and self-confidence. Not only can it help people who are in bad relationships, but it can also help people realize that their relationship isn’t really that bad! Sometimes unhappiness comes from not doing enough for yourself. This book helped me realize it’s my life I’m starring in, and I’m in control of the scenes. If there was any advice I could give to a woman having doubts, it’s buy the book!

~ Emily Leonard, Hairstylist & Mother of Three


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Why I wrote this book

I had always been an assertive, confident woman, but I often took a back seat to my husband. I loved him, but I started to tip-toe around him. I bit my tongue instead of speaking up. I ignored the inner voice insisting that it was not okay for him to shut me out of his life. I thought I was being the “good wife”. I was being “supportive”. I blamed myself for “never being satisfied” and wondered what was wrong with me that I couldn’t “just be happy”. Arguing was a waste of time, so I’d suppress my frustrations instead. Rather than being the star of my own life, I was an extra in his. Having two little boys to care for and no job made me feel vulnerable and trapped, but what could I do?

I began practicing yoga, which gave me a sense of inner peace. I thought I’d discovered the solution. I learned to let go. But after years of trying to make it work, we parted ways.

With my new spiritual practice came a sense of confidence that I was ready to find a true partner, lover, and best friend. That’s when I met Joe. We shared many interests, we could talk for hours, and overall, things seemed to be pretty good. But two years later, even though I had found an inner peace and spirituality that empowered me in many ways, I was, yet again, in a relationship where I suppressed my dreams and desires when he didn’t share them. I was molding myself to his tastes just to keep the peace, keeping my mouth shut for fear of repercussions, and eating Cocoa Puffs straight out of the box.

I had found my spirit, but I had yet to find my voice

I was in a checkout line, looking at the beautiful actors and actresses gracing the magazine covers, and I asked myself, “If my life were a movie and I was the main character, would my audience be enthralled and inspired, or would they be frustrated and bored with this story? What would I do? What would I say? I realized that I didn’t like my own movie. I wasn’t playing a starring role in my own life! In fact, if something didn’t happen, and happen soon, I’d want to walk out of the theatre! I wanted to see me take control! Do something! Speak my mind! Take center stage!

It hit me: Nothing was ever going to change until I changed something!

“I highly recommend this powerful book to all women,
especially young women who are just beginning to write the script of their lives.”

Linda Joy, Publisher of Aspire Magazine


Everything shifted. I started to assert myself. I learned to release frustration and feel more in control of my life. I became happier. I listened to my soul and I began to imagine a life with rules that I designed. I ended that go-nowhere relationship. I found a beautiful new home for me and the boys. I acknowledged an inner calling to write. I completed a screenplay and numerous essays. I took up knitting again—something I loved to do since childhood. I was promoted at work, then found an even better, more fulfilling, and better paying job as a consultant. I grew happier and more alive than I’d felt in years, and then… I began attracting men who were more suited to me—men who appreciated me, and who wanted to get to know me for me.

When you honor your own desires and talents, other people will honor them as well.

Release yourself from those “stuck” feelings and learn how to re-script your life. Order a copy of Stuck with Mr. Wrong? Ten Steps to Starring in your own Life Story today. Available in paperback and on the Kindle.