7 Ways to Tap into your Feminine Essence

By Guest Blogger Angelique Love Singer

Do you ever feel like an invisible woman–like nothing you do gets noticed or you only get noticed when someone wants something from you?  That was my challenge for years.  I never felt like anything I did was enough.  I suffered from massive low self-esteem and wondered if something was innately broken about me.  I overcompensated by steamrolling over people.  I thought I was being confident, but I wound up leaving a wake of offended people behind me.  I read books and went to seminars, but I could never figure out how to get what I wanted in life.  I hungered for more and longed to know what true power was.  My friends would tell me what a great person I am.  I thought to myself, If I’m so great, then why don’t I feel like it?

What I didn’t know was what I was lacking was an education about how to access my authentic feminine power. 

Feminine power comes from an energetic space in a woman where her feminine essence resides.  It’s where she feels most “home”.  When a woman is in touch with her feminine essence, she has a radiant, authentic power that brings to her the people, circumstances, and things she desires in life and repels those things she doesn’t want, effortlessly.  She is relaxed and comfortable in her own skin and has a natural confidence in herself that makes others trust her.  When she comes into a room, people notice her because she has a presence that is compelling and charismatic.  All these qualities bring her success in business, because she is a more effective and powerful networker, and she knows how to create relationships with herself and others.  People naturally gravitate to her because she is inviting, approachable, receptive, joyful, present, and grounded.  She knows how to make others feel included and important.  Her interpersonal relationships blossom because the people she loves feel heard. 

Here are seven ways to tap into your feminine essence:

  1. Do the girl thing.  Once a week, treat yourself like a queen.  Put on music, light some candles, burn some incense, do a facial, manicure, and pedicure, and soak in the tub.  Taking time just for you replenishes your energy.  You will emerge a new person.
  2. Have a regular, spiritual practice.  Mine is the Art of Feminine Presence™.  You can meditate, pray, do yoga, walking meditation, etc. The point is to connect to your inner Divine on a regular basis.  The more you do this, the more powerfully feminine you will become.
  3. Wear things that make you feel feminine.  It doesn’t matter what other people think.  Wear it and enjoy!
  4. Pay attention to how you walk. Do you charge ahead with your head leading and shoulders up?  How is your breathing—is it relaxed?  How about your pace—is it fast and hurried?  Slow down your pace, breathe fully, and relax your upper body as you walk.  Allow your hips to sway. 
  5. Ask yourself where you are in your body.  Are you in your head?  Do you feel like a floating head or are you in your body?  Drop your attention down into your pelvic girdle where you womb is (don’t worry if you don’t have one, just drop where it was).  Imagine you have a ball of energy in the middle of your pelvis and increase its brightness without growing it any bigger.  Notice how you feel.  This is the energetic home of your feminine essence.
  6. Fill your pelvis with light.  Do #5 above, and allow the ball to grow, then increase the brightness of the ball of light.  Notice how you feel. 
  7. Picture roots extending down from the ball of light through your legs and feet then wrapping around the center of the earth’s core.  Imagine all your worries, negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences from the day draining away down through the energetic roots and to the cellular and DNA level.  Take a few moments to allow Mother Earth to take all that negativity and toxicity from your body and transmute it.  Once it’s cleared (you’ll  know because you’ll feel lighter, more relaxed, calm, and at ease), imagine the earth sending you replenishing energy back through the energetic roots—filling the ball of light, making it brighter and brighter.  Spread your arms and allow the ball of light to grow and fill you pelvis completely, then extend and grow until it is about one inch past your fingertips but no bigger, to the front, back, over and under you.  Imagine the earth’s energy filling your ball of light brighter and brighter. 

Do this for a few moments and you will feel more relaxed, safe, at ease, and powerful. 

Angelique Love Singer is a certified teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence  For more information visit www.livingheartcentered.com



  1. Hi – at last a blog which gives great tips to women. Too many women in New Zealand emasculate their man – they chop their hair off at the roots just about, dress like men and act like them too. Often when a married couple are walking down the road it is hard which is the male and which is the female from behind and at times from the front also. I love your tips about groundedness and especially placing the mind in the womb space – it works magic. The other powerful technique is visualising your inner image and giving that a tweak up. Cheers muchly. Angelique

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